Our Cause

Illinois is in poor financial condition.

Illinois is in poor financial condition, and it’s preventing the state from making meaningful investments in public education, housing, workforce development, and infrastructure. When compared to the other 49 states, Illinois ranks last in financial stability.


What’s causing the instability?

Illinois has $15 billion in unpaid bills, $130-$200 billion in unfunded pension liabilities, and the worst government credit rating in the country.

To cover such massive debt, some members of the Illinois legislature are considering increasing taxes, fees, and fines and others reducing funding for programs that support the most vulnerable Illinois residents.

I feel uncomfortable with both options.

It suggests that taxpayers are responsible for the states financial problems. When in reality, every report I’ve read says the cause of our ballooning debt is decades of government mismanagement.

Another issue impacting our ability to address our poor financial condition, is the amount of taxpayers moving out of the state. In 2016 and 2017 Illinois was the most moved from state in the nation. Until Illinois gains more tax payers than we lose, the general assembly shouldn’t consider increasing taxes on those who are here.


How do we attract new people?

The partisan bickering must stop. Democrats and Republicans have to work together beyond occasional bipartisan bills. We have to stop blaming each other to advance selfish political agendas and share responsibility for the state’s dysfunction. Then we need to band together to compete against other states to attract expanding companies, emerging industries, and eventually taxpayers seeking the opportunity we’ve created.

I understand many of us are unhappy with political leadership. We know things aren’t working as they should, and we’re frustrated. But we must do better than more of the same or nothing will improve.

November 6th you have a vote to elect a State Representative who will help to change the culture in Springfield. It would be an honor to represent you and be a new voice to help IL become a place we all want to live.


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